Dental Appliance

Snoring is an nuisance to the sleeping person partner, it also may be the first sign of sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic situation caused by an obstruction of upper airways during sleep.

This syndrome affects quality of life and cause constant tiredness\sleepiness during day hours (can lead to car accidents).

Sleep apnea may also increase risk of cardiac illness and stroke.

Its also increase the risk for car accidents.

How does the dental appliance works?

The appliance brings the lower jaw a little bit forward and by doing so it shifts the base of the tongue forward. This action enlarges the upper airway diameter, allowing a better flow of air and easy breathing during sleep.

What are the situations which can be suitable for treatment with dental appliance?

The device is suitable for the treatment of snoring and mild do moderate sleep apnea. The device can also be useful to people with severe sleep apnea who cannot tolerate treatment with CPAP or people who failed surgery.

What are the probability rates of success?

Success rates are high and depend on the severity of the syndrome.

The appliance is FDA (American food and drug administration) approved since 1996.

There are hundreds of articles concerning the dental device as a possible treatment for snoring and sleep apnea

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